From the beginning of June until the end of October, 2011, our off space, 5533, begins a new activity, a Working Table Program, for artists, curators, writers, students and others. 5533 provides a working space for visitors to conduct their work and research. This activity continues to support networking and dialogue - concepts that 5533 has emphasized since its founding. As a part of the Working Table Program guests will rent a desk in the space. As a result of daily interaction and exchange among the guests, an atmosphere for dialogue and networking will be encouraged. In addition to conducting their individual research and materializing their projects, the guests who desire may organize presentations, talks, meeting and workshops. To support their research or to help them complete their projects, 5533 will offer assistance and information about opportunities to be found in the city, access to the 5533’s artist, curator, and institution archives as well as a connection to free Internet. Desks can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.