GET A DESK: 26./27.09. Finding my way

“Finding my way”
Performance by Rebecca Weeks
September 26-27

This work is a response to Istanbul, to the experience of trying to move around the city and create routes and pathways between destinations. It is also an expression of anxiety about getting physically and emotionally lost and an attempt to integrate this fear. Within the performance there are actions made as allegories to ongoing attempts to create an idiosyncratic system, an individual map as a safeguard and as a comfort. Laying wooden planks around the exterior space of 5533 created a meditative path and the regular demarcation of every second pillar through placing a protective evil eye reflects the mental, emotional and physical work that it requires to operate in a strange place. The carrying of the high heels represents the disintegration of an appearance, of a cultural construct of femininity, which fails to translate across cultures. Slowly with care and patience a new way of operating can be discovered.